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Essex loft conversions and extensions are increasingly popular with homeowners in Essex as they open up more living space, they can increase a property’s value and improve a building’s overall aesthetic, but it can take a lot of work to get them right. With over a decade of experience and expertise, you can be assured that you are in good hands with our Colchester builders here at Kendall FM.

Essex loft conversions and extensions can be achieved by considering the following factors, for example: your need for additional space and whether your budget allows for a smaller or larger project. It’s worth also considering the value that can be added to your property with the help of our Colchester builders.

How do you decide if it’s a loft conversion or a loft extension that you’d prefer? In this blog, we’ll delve into both and the advantages of each.

Understanding loft conversions and extensions

Loft Conversions- Essex loft conversions will essentially make the most out of the space that you already have. With the help of our expert Colchester builders, you could turn that unused attic or storage space into a functional room like a bedroom or an office and it could all be done in a way that’s cost-effective and relatively quick to complete.

Loft Extensions- Loft extensions will add new space to your home, expanding your property’s size. The benefits of this are adding more room, flexible use and an increase in your property value. They’re ideal for properties that have limited options for loft conversions and you can significantly increase your living space.

Creative ideas for loft spaces

Ideas for both Essex loft conversions and loft extensions are pretty endless, not to mention that these rooms will probably benefit from the best lighting in the house too!
Some ideas for conversions could include home offices, extra bedrooms or playrooms for the kids. With an extension, and the possibility of even more space you could consider an expansive master suite, home cinema, or additional living areas.

Planning your loft project: Looking at Essex loft conversions and extensions

The initial steps of planning your loft project with our builders in Colchester will include assessing your needs and available space, setting a budget and determining your goals.
Firstly, you will want to think about design ideas for conversions and extensions. Next, you would need to make sure that you understand planning permissions and building regulations too.
Why partner with us for your Essex loft conversion and extension needs?
We have plenty of experience in delivering tailored Essex loft conversions and other projects and we offer comprehensive project management from start to finish, so we can comfortably guide you through the journey to help you with all of your needs.

Check out what our previous customers have to say about our projects

Don’t just take our word for it – check out our customer testimonials to see our proven track record and learn more about our previous projects. We take pride in our ability to bring our client’s visions to life, creating beautiful and functional living spaces that exceed expectations.


There are advantages to both loft conversions and extensions, so it’s definitely something to consider carefully if you would like more space in your home, but hopefully, we’ve been able to help clarify what each one is and which one could be right for you. We encourage you to consider what’s best for your home and needs and why here at Kendall FM Building and Construction, we could be the right Colchester builders for you.

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